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Monday, March 16, 2015

Perils of working from home.

I work from home, which includes a lot of alone time. I'm a real people person so this can be pretty difficult. I went out to the quilt store on Sunday. This is a real conversation I had.
Crazy Person = Me: "I'm going to buy the rest of the bolt of that gorgeous fabric." 
Unsuspecting customer "Oh, I wanted some more of it."
Me: (hopefully obviously joking) " We can have a Klingon death match if you like for the rest of the bolt." 
Unsuspecting Customer " I don't need it that bad." 
Me: " Go ahead and take what you want, no blood needs to be spilled today."
She buys some, I take the rest.
Store clerk "It was really nice of you to let her buy what she wanted of that fabric."
Me "I left my batliff at home, so it wouldn't have worked out anyway."

I began to suspect they all thought I was completely insane. Then something wonderful happened. The store clerk started telling me the days she worked and asked me to come back on those days so she could see me.
I have a suspicion mainlining Star Trek TNG may need to stop. Or not.