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Friday, January 30, 2015

Been Gone Antiquing

I have been traveling many places buying fun antiques with my oldest daughter.  I did find my Martha Washington sewing table!!!!  I'm airing her out, kinda musty odor to the old gal.  Now I"m off to get my rescue dog! I'll tell you more about her and all the wonders I have gathered up when I return this weekend <3

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where I create

Moving is always a challenge. If you have a lot of craft items it is even more challenging!  When I pulled up to my new home I had no idea how much of my crafty goodness would fit.  I got the essentials in and am very happy.

A pretty space where I keep some of my threads!

I love to organize and it was actually a lot of fun going through all my patterns finding new ways to do things.  Being in a smaller space makes you creative. I love it.

Tags let me know what is inside

I love, love, love BHG vintage cookbooks and now I'm collecting their sewing books!!

My baby collection of BHG Sewing Books.

Oil cans anyone?  Do I obsess over them?  Do I look for their oily old goodness everywhere? Why yes I do!!!


Some finished pieces and my logo buddy.  Somehow in the move I lost quite a few of my completed projects.  I am very glad I have kept all the patterns because I will restitch them!  Always better the second time around. :-)

My buddy! Reminds me life is short.

I supply an art center in Virginia with my custom pincushions. I kept this one with my handmade pins around.  I couldn't let go of it!!  Still getting Miss Janome settled in with my other machines. I have almost finished a custom knitting tote for a friend.  She is a dream machine that's for sure!

Original pincushion and pins.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Excitement in the Mail!

What ever could this be?  Something I have been waiting for the postman to bring. I could barely get it up the stairs, it is so heavy!

Peanuts galores!

My new and improved sewing studio has been waiting for this.  

I know you can almost guess now!

My fingers have been itching to quilt and now I can!!!

Meet Janome MC 6300!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Day!

I woke up all full of great expectations. Since Dickens already wrote that book I gave up rather quickly and checked my email.  I do have, however, a new sewing corner! A gorgeous and comfortable chair with one of my hand appliqu├ęd and quilted pieces on it (not an original), my stitching lamp and a place to put my cup of coffee. The only thing that is missing is an antique sewing stand. I plan on going out and hunting for one of those today or tomorrow, I do have some knitting to do after all!
Love my orange chair! Still decorating the pie safe. Some things take time.

My grandmother made this beautiful quilt.