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Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Hair

You know when things just kinda happen?  Like, you wake up from a nap and decided to cut your hair?  Since most of you, like me, may not be able to see without glasses, you may decide the most logical course of action is to cut your hair WITHOUT THEM ON. This happens right?  I'm sure it does. Stuff like this happens to me all the time. Anyway, I cut my hair. Short. While practically blind.  Why, may you ask?  Well, it goes like this.  Bill and I were at a bar talking to some people and decided to start a punk band. AS ONE DOES.  If this seems weird to any of you then you haven't spent more than one second around my husband. This is completely normal.  My two best friends call him Daddy and we are going to go move to a commune some day. Only part of that is true.

SOOOO, back to the hair story.  I decide that since we have quasi formed a punk band (still need a drummer) I would cut my hair spiky and dye it pink. I had a spray bottle of pink dye (temporary of course).  Believe it or not it looked like crap, pink crap.  And it didn't cover the gray as I was hoping it would so I washed it out.  By this time the entire tub was pink and hair was everywhere.

 Where are the pictures you ask? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I only have two hands and was cutting by feel.  Selfie stick or no, pictures of the event were not taken.  Now, I did take an after picture. It's longer on one side, there is a reason for that.  I know I have sworn a few to secrecy on this matter but I have to explain this or no one will get it.  I had two brain surgeries for cancer. I have a big old whopping scar on the left side of my head. If my hair is too short it shows.  Then everyone would know what is wrong with me ;-)

I'll let you know when our first show is.

Doing my best Billy Idol sneer.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Bubbles the Wonder Dog

We rescued a Boston Terrier named Bubbles from a puppy mill.  She is a nice tiny addition to our little family.  No Kitty was all a tither, she loves dogs!

When we picked her up she was stinky and filthy. She won our hearts with those eyes!
We drove six hours one way to the middle of nowhere Maryland to a dilapidated creepy farmhouse.  Saw the dog, threw money at them and got the heck out of Deliverance with pooch in tow.

She was tinier than we thought! She slept on my lap on the way home in a dog bed.  She barely took up one corner.

We had a crate ready for her with a pink bunny to keep her company. She wasn't potty trained either.  Bubbles is a smart cookie and it only took a few days and some puppy pads to get her in the routine of going outside.

No Kitty was thrilled and settled right in to take a nap with her new BFF. It wasn't to last. Bubbles doesn't like cats and only tolerated her for a short while.  As long as the cat leaves her alone peace remains.

Alone at last!

Bubbles is ten years old we found out.  Most of her teeth had to be removed due to zero vet care her entire life.  She had been spayed when we picked her up but it was too late, she has tumors all over her tiny belly. We are keeping close watch on our little fur ball.  She like to cuddle on my lap under a blanket most of the time.

I mean, really, look at those eyes!!!!

No Kitty can tell when Bubbles is feeling poorly and tries to comfort her.  You can see how much the dog is enjoying that!


No Kitty is still queen. She keeps a watchful eye on her friend.  When Bubbles is not in her crate No Kitty sleeps in it. Poor cat, it is the only way she can take a "nap" with the dog.

Bubbles. My favorite picture.  You can follow us on instagram under beckandfur.  

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Where have I been?

In a galaxy, far far away, I made a promise to the internet to update more often.  As one does when they need motivation to blog more.  You can see that didn't get me very far.  I have been very busy. As if that is some sort of excuse! HA!  Alas, it is the only one I have.  So, with no further ado, here are the reasons I have been so quiet.

I have been making a bunch of pincushions. You can find them in my Etsy store.

I was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past who informed me I better get busy with my holiday designs. I promptly obeyed.

I love this saying. The holidays for me are Merry and Bright!

No Kitty has been doing her best to get me up early in the morning.

I got married on Halloween.

I adore him.

We went to the Poe Museum on our honeymoon. As one does.

Poe is still hanging out with the ravens. Some guys never learn.

I now rule the world with my magic ring.

I managed to not go to the Blue Ridge Parkway and see the fall foliage for the twentieth year in a row. Outside my living room window had to suffice.

Bubbles needed a sock monkey sweater and hot pink booties. She got them.