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Thursday, February 2, 2017


Hi guys!

I have decided to change the name of my company.

I have been thinking about this for a year and decided to do it.

The New Name is 

Lucy Beam ~ Love In Stitches.

Lucy Beam was my grandmother who instilled in me a love of all things crafty.

My grandparents when they visited us in Bermuda.

Don't worry folks. My designs will still reflect my unique sense of humor and style.

Me with some monkeys.

Stay tuned for the first project from my Stitchy Love Club.

I have been getting some flack for this change but I'm young enough in my career I feel like this is the right move at the right time.

Thanks for hanging with me!!


Monday, January 23, 2017



I am so excited! This is a full year members only club. Click on the link to order!

What will you get?

Four complete kits every quarter starting in March.

The first one is a huswife!

The other kits are things to go in the huswife.

 By the time you finish all the projects you will have a complete set of stitching necessities to keep in your huswife to use and enjoy!

I am also offering finishing services for those of you who desire.

Thanks so much!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

OOAK Handmades

Hey guys!  

I know I have been away for awhile but I have been very busy making fun things for you!

You can find my newest pattern and some one of a kind handmade items in my etsy store!

My newest pattern is Snowy Man

He is such a cute little fella!

Here are some of my newest handmade creations!

A strawberry pincushion that comes with a counting pin and some mother of pearl heart shaped buttons!

Handmade scissorfobs. Crafted with wool and recycled silk sari!

Here is a close up.

No two are alike!

I also have a Valentine pattern on sale for you to stitch up!

Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Friday, September 2, 2016

No Kitty Snuggle Day

Today is a No Kitty snuggle day. 

Been working very, very hard to get ready for a string of live and in color shows I have coming up. I have some listed on the side bar over there. I'm waiting on confirmation on some others before I put them up.

Wore out doesn't begin to describe it. I think No Kitty has a good plan today. Rest, drink tea and binge watch Dexter on Netflix.

I'll be back up and at it tomorrow!

Join My Friends of Death By Thread Group On Facebook

A dear friend made a request.

Start a Friends of Death By Thread Group on Facebook. She said.

What can you expect from this group?

Freebies of cross stitch and punchneedle designs on occasion.

Seeing others wip's and finishes of my designs. 

It will be a good time.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Strawberry Stitches

A tutorial on Stitches on a Strawberry Pincushion Thingy.
What you will need.
A longish sharp needle.
Thread you like.
Sharp scissors.
Oh, and a thimble. I forgot about it till the end when I realized I didn't want to puncture my finger.  Imagine that.

Thread your needle using two strands of floss. Make a big knot.

Insert your needle at the top of the strawberry to one side of the seam. I am using my right hand so it is at the left of the seam. I'm taking pictures with my right hand and holding the berry with my left. Confusing enough yet? I try.

Depending on how big you want your X's go down some and put your needle in the fabric about 1/8 to 1/4 away from the seam and out the other side the same amount.  Pull the thread through.

Bring your needle back up and put it in the fabric lining it up with where you started and coming out a smidge below where the thread is coming out of the strawberry.

Go back down to make another X and put your needle in  1/8 to 1/4 inch from seam and come out the other side like you did before.

Pull thread through. It will look like this.

Go back up and put your needle in the previous hole of the last stitch. Bring the needle out right below where the thread is coming out of the strawberry like you did before.

Go down to make another X. 

Continue along. I"m watching X-Files right now.

Using the upper last stitch as your guide to put your needle in, it keeps your stitches looking even.

It goes pretty quickly once you get your rhythm. I can't decide which season of X-Files is my favorite. I own all of them on DVD and know all the episodes by title which scares my husband for some reason.
I made my stitches big, sometimes I make them little.

Getting towards the bottom. Keep going the same way until the last stitch. It changes then. Tooms is my favorite episode in season one.

Here is where it changes. At the end go further down below the thread nearer the tip of the berry.

Now when you go back up and put your needle in the bottom of the last stitch bring it out to the side of the last stitch as shown.

Put the needle in the berry horizontal to where the other side of the stitch is. Hope that makes sense. If not the picture should.

Bring your needle out at the end of the berry. Now you are going to begin to end the thread.

Take your thimble or anything you might have laying around and shove the needle back up into the berry and come out in the middle of the seam somewhere.

Like this.  I didn't like the reboot of the X-Files.

Put your needle back into the seam and bring it back down and out of the tip of the berry.
At the time, X-Files was the longest running sci-fi show ever, nine years. 
I'm full of useless trivia, and a huge geek.

Snip your thread close to the end.



You are done! Look at you! You have great looking Strawberry Stitches. 

And you learned a bunch of crap about X-Files you didn't know before.