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Friday, May 8, 2015

New Dining Room!!

I finally got my dining room done. Of course there are various levels of done. 

  Level One: Do I actually have a dining room?
Level Two: Is there a table under all that stuff?
Level Three:  I see floor!!
Level Four:  I think if we just do a quick wipe of that stuff it will be safe to eat off of.
Level Five:  I believe it's good enough to put on the internet.

People of the Internet: I proclaim my dining room 

Ah, yes. The dreaded BEFORE picture.  Actually, it was really cute to start with.  My dearest and bests of bests friends gave me her old table and chairs when I moved into my new digs with no actual dining room furniture.  I found the hoosier cabinet for a steal.  I had wanted one for 30 years and I finally got it!  So, why get rid of everything but the white bookcase?  I don't know.  I just didn't feel like it was me anymore.  Part of the shedding the old (keeping some) and creating a new place for me to thrive in.

Bubbles is suspicious that something big is going down.  

No Kitty loves the hoosier. It is her spot. Her spot to sit and demand attention. Her spot to swipe things onto the floor and chase them around the tiny apartment.  She was not happy when things started to disappear.


You will never ever in the history of ever guess where all these boxes came from. 
IKEA!!! SHOCKER!!  Excuse me, are you still breathing? Because, if you read my post about my sewing room you certainly know, I of all people would never buy anything from them!!!

"Not this again!" meows No Kitty.  Yes, kitty I bought new screwdrivers for you. Oh, for me, since No Kitty didn't manage to grow opposable thumbs since the last shipment from IKEA.

Table was surprisingly easy to put together.

The chair, not so much.  It took three hours to produce this level of completeness. 

Success!! A place to eat on!

What No Kitty decided to do with all of this. 

Days later, I got the cabinet finished.  I love it!!!  Notice the white bookcase.  An IKEA purchase from many years ago.  Still in primping mode.  I tried to finish it but I noticed a jar of Nutella that needed immediate attention. 

The cabinet is from the  IKEA HEMNES Series. I really like this series of furniture. It is sleek but still has that shabby chic thing going on.

Looks to pretty to mess up with food. I think I'll eat out again tonight.

My friend Stacy Nash made me this pear pincushion and adorned it with a skeleton! She is such a sweetheart!!!

I purged a lot of antique china during this deal. I kept some of my favorites though.  Sweet beehive honey pot and china serving dish.

China butter pats.  A pink milk glass wedding box.  LOVE.

OH! Hello there! Who are you?  Why ma'm I'm a civil war soldier here to guard your new room. Thank you Michi Ball!!!!  She made me this wonderful stump doll. He will always be treasured.

Another sweet friend made me this cross stitched ornament from Homespun Elegance.

Something happened on the way to Tipperary. I discovered Ebay had hundreds of my favorite cookbook for sale.  So my Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook collection went from this.

To this. 

 Dudes, it's a miracle I didn't buy every single one listed on Ebay during this time.

Bubbles went in for surgery and almost died.  I am lucky to have her back.  She is watching me warily right now. I have decided I need a break on the home redecorating routine. 
 My bedroom will have to wait till next year.

Friday, May 1, 2015

PSS Retreat Merchant Mall

Because of sewing room redo I couldn't swing the entire retreat. Instead I'm going to the Merchant Mall today in Williamsburg Va!! Whoopee!!!  Car cleaned, GPS loaded, legs shaved, I'm ready to meet and greet and spend some serious cash!!!!  Pictures tomorrow!  Oh! IKEA delivers my new dining room tomorrow!  Call me OZZY cause the Crazy Remodeling Train doesn't ever stop here!