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Friday, March 3, 2017


We are finally moving after ten long months of being semi homeless. 
Our property got hit by a tornado and we had to move out and ended up staying in our friends spare bedroom. All our stuff is in storage but we were safe and No Kitty and Bubbles got all situated with our friends dog and are now inseparable. Ok, Bubbles and Chris are inseparable, they can do without the cat.

I have been conducting my business out of a few totes and a dining room table for most of the past year.  It has been a challenge for all of us!  My friend is a saint, I swear.

One thing we found out is we love living together and we are going to sign on our new place this coming Saturday! YAY!

I am looking forward to unpacking all my stuff and settling in again to my own place. I will have a new sewing room! YIPPEE! And it has a fireplace!  I will post before and after photos of the new digs.

Here are some photos of my old sewing room, my old old dining room and some things that inspire me.

Oh! And a peek at a new design coming out soon!

My old sewing room, you can read the post about it here

My old, old dining room circa 2009.  I loved this room.

My new/old obsession, White Milk Glass.  I have acquired quite a lot of it recently and cannot wait to use is in my new place!

Pyrex. Need I say more? LOVE.

A peek of my new design coming out soon! Stitch Always. I'm going to make a stitching bag out of it. Stay tuned!