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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Finishing the Stitchy Love Club Be Happy Drumroll

This is a brief pictorial tutorial on finishing the linen part of the first kit of my Stitchy Love Club ~ Be Happy Drumroll.

I go over the linen piece because that is the most unusual part of this finish.
 After you have folded under the top part make sure to trim your ends as shown here.

This is what the back of your linen piece will look like after you have trimmed it up and folded the edges in.

The front should look like this.

Attach the ribbon here folding in the ends to fit in between the sides of the folded linen pieces. I ended up gluing and using a tiny pin to secure my ribbon. The ribbon is not folded up the entire length, just here to fit. 

You will start by pinning the linen to the drum.  I started by pinning right at the top of the border then the point and put a pin between those two.

Close up.

After you have pinned the linen down go ahead and tie it in the back. Make sure the knot of the bow is at the seam allowance for balance.  

A last note, I started stuffing the drum with poly-fill then inserted a bag filled with crushed walnut shells for weight.  I did this because if I had stuffed it with the walnut filler only it would have shown through the white fabric.

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