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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dying from Cute

The storm hasn't got here yet so I still have power.  I wanted to get on here real quick and show you something so cute you will not believe it exists in real life.

I went to my oldest daughters house and got to hold this.

Hello there.

Cute overload.

Bunny's first bath.

Meet Tribble, a Jersey Wooly bunny rabbit.  Megan happened upon a farm sale while coming out to our house one Saturday.  She showed up with Tribble and it was love at first sight for everyone!  I do believe she is the perfect "Dying from Cute" pet ever because she loves to be held.  How fantastic is that?   

On the home front we are ready for the hurricane or whatever it ends up being once it gets here.  The weather channel can't decide but it remains consistent in the high winds department.  I started charting a cross stitch Halloween Needle Roll last night and my computer malfunctioned and lost it!  Thank goodness I had just printed it off. Whew!  Now to stick it all back in and hope it stays this time.  Sneak peeks to come shortly!


  1. Oh my gosh...I had to look away because of the cuteness.
    I'll be in big trouble if Taylor gets a looks at that : )
    Hope you fair the hurricane without any trouble.


  2. I know right! I almost spirited her away with me when I left! She is the sweetest thing, which makes her even more irresistible. My daughter has the gift when choosing pets. She has a Lion Head Rabbit, African Hedgehog and some kind of exotic possum thing. They are all hilarious and fun as cake. Her own little petting zoo in her house. :-)