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Friday, November 6, 2015

Bubbles the Wonder Dog

We rescued a Boston Terrier named Bubbles from a puppy mill.  She is a nice tiny addition to our little family.  No Kitty was all a tither, she loves dogs!

When we picked her up she was stinky and filthy. She won our hearts with those eyes!
We drove six hours one way to the middle of nowhere Maryland to a dilapidated creepy farmhouse.  Saw the dog, threw money at them and got the heck out of Deliverance with pooch in tow.

She was tinier than we thought! She slept on my lap on the way home in a dog bed.  She barely took up one corner.

We had a crate ready for her with a pink bunny to keep her company. She wasn't potty trained either.  Bubbles is a smart cookie and it only took a few days and some puppy pads to get her in the routine of going outside.

No Kitty was thrilled and settled right in to take a nap with her new BFF. It wasn't to last. Bubbles doesn't like cats and only tolerated her for a short while.  As long as the cat leaves her alone peace remains.

Alone at last!

Bubbles is ten years old we found out.  Most of her teeth had to be removed due to zero vet care her entire life.  She had been spayed when we picked her up but it was too late, she has tumors all over her tiny belly. We are keeping close watch on our little fur ball.  She like to cuddle on my lap under a blanket most of the time.

I mean, really, look at those eyes!!!!

No Kitty can tell when Bubbles is feeling poorly and tries to comfort her.  You can see how much the dog is enjoying that!


No Kitty is still queen. She keeps a watchful eye on her friend.  When Bubbles is not in her crate No Kitty sleeps in it. Poor cat, it is the only way she can take a "nap" with the dog.

Bubbles. My favorite picture.  You can follow us on instagram under beckandfur.  


  1. Thank you for rescuing her. Bubbles is adorable. Glad No Kitty is looking out for Bubbles. Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia