It's the little things


This is what I do every morning as soon as I get up.

Hand pour hot water into my Chemex coffee pot.


Everyone has a morning ritual. What is yours?


  1. Stumbling to the kitchen to make coffee in my French Press. If I'm lukcy, DH will have gotten everything ready so all I have to do is heat the water and pour.

  2. FEED THE CAT!!! sheesh he is obnoxious in the morning. Then go to the gym. THEN I get caffeine!!

  3. Yes, feed the cats is #1, and then the coffee. But it's my husband, the chef in our house, who does me the honor. And he serves me in my favorite chair.... I think I'll keep him.

  4. Feed the cats, then into the shower I go. Back to reality tomorrow, yuck!

  5. I see a lot of us own cats! No Kitty is my furry alarm clock, lol


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