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Friday, August 19, 2016

Sale in my Etsy Store ~ 15% off Storewide!

Are you tired of summer?

Looking for a reason to stay indoors in the air conditioner?

I'll give you one!

I'm having an sale in my etsy store!

15% off storewide! 


Type in coupon code Summersend2016 at checkout.

The sale lasts from right now till August 31.

Tell your family to get their own dinner and sit and stitch while binge watching X-files on Netflix.

Here are some of the wonderful designs you will find in my shop!

Button Eyed Pumpkin Punch
Get started on your Fall Punching! Comes with Weavers Cloth!

Tiny Acorns ~ another fall favorite! Check out my finishing post on this one!

Merry and Bright is a fun stitch for Christmas! X-files may have to be pushed aside. Slip in White Christmas for this one!

I love my 1582 Sampler. Sense and Sensibility would be a good watch for this one. 
Do you like my viewing recommendations? 

The Sewing House
I also have a finishing tutorial on this one!

Bird and Arrow
This is one of my personal favorites!
It was fun to design and a blast to stitch. I put the heart key around the birds neck as a tribute to my dad who was retiring from being a locksmith that year. Just a small thing only I would know, but now you do too!

Have fun shopping!

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