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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Day!

I woke up all full of great expectations. Since Dickens already wrote that book I gave up rather quickly and checked my email.  I do have, however, a new sewing corner! A gorgeous and comfortable chair with one of my hand appliquéd and quilted pieces on it (not an original), my stitching lamp and a place to put my cup of coffee. The only thing that is missing is an antique sewing stand. I plan on going out and hunting for one of those today or tomorrow, I do have some knitting to do after all!
Love my orange chair! Still decorating the pie safe. Some things take time.

My grandmother made this beautiful quilt.


  1. looks like a comfy place to stitch {knit} your worries away ~ I'm sure No Kitty likes it too :)

  2. She does love the chair. :-) I can't sit down and do anything without her ending up on my lap. She is such a snuggle, I love it!

  3. Happy New Year!
    I hope you find that sewing table it will look great in your mix. I was out looking at yarns last night wanting to make a big mopey throw.
    Something has gotten I to me lately and that's wanting to sew more and crochet a bit. I think I would sew more often if I had that special spot as you here have. Love your sitting room chair and the quilt hanging invites the mood to sit and quilt some.

    Thank you for this inspiring sewing post.

    I am off to create.

  4. Happy New Year Dore!!! Create away this year!