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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where I create

Moving is always a challenge. If you have a lot of craft items it is even more challenging!  When I pulled up to my new home I had no idea how much of my crafty goodness would fit.  I got the essentials in and am very happy.

A pretty space where I keep some of my threads!

I love to organize and it was actually a lot of fun going through all my patterns finding new ways to do things.  Being in a smaller space makes you creative. I love it.

Tags let me know what is inside

I love, love, love BHG vintage cookbooks and now I'm collecting their sewing books!!

My baby collection of BHG Sewing Books.

Oil cans anyone?  Do I obsess over them?  Do I look for their oily old goodness everywhere? Why yes I do!!!


Some finished pieces and my logo buddy.  Somehow in the move I lost quite a few of my completed projects.  I am very glad I have kept all the patterns because I will restitch them!  Always better the second time around. :-)

My buddy! Reminds me life is short.

I supply an art center in Virginia with my custom pincushions. I kept this one with my handmade pins around.  I couldn't let go of it!!  Still getting Miss Janome settled in with my other machines. I have almost finished a custom knitting tote for a friend.  She is a dream machine that's for sure!

Original pincushion and pins.

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