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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring? Summer? Winter? Fall? I have new designs for all!! Whoop! Whoop!

I have been a busy bee here in designer land.

The seasons have been on my mind and I have a new design for each.  And then something completely random!  

It is pretending to be Spring here in The Old Dominion.  That's an outright lie I can attest to.  It got down to 29 degrees last night and has been snowing off and on.  No one is amused here and I need something warm to happen soon.   This tree bloomed out on the one warm day we had, now it doesn't know what to do with itself.

To celebrate the Spring that never really sprung here I came up with this little cutie!  Shamrock Bunnies is a  pillow tuck and is as cute as a soft bunny frolicking in a field of clover.

It might get warm here and that means the fields of sunflowers will start gracing us with their nodding heads of brown while the squirrels gorge themselves on yummy seeds.  Introducing Sunflowers Grow!

Button Eyed Pumpkin Punchneedle was such a fun punch!  I love Halloween and crazy eyes on things.  The weavers cloth comes included with the pattern and a little tracing will be in order. The nose is a scrap of wool whip stitched on after you have finished punching the pumpkin.

Now, you might be wondering where the Winter design is.  I have to admit, I will hang this on my Christmas tree.  If you have a Halloween tree then this is also right up your alley!  
GingerDead Man Punchneedle Ornament.  Crazy eyes and all!  Weavers cloth is also included with the pattern and a wee bit of tracing will be required.

'Pin Me' Standing Pinkeep was such a fun stitch!  I picked Amethyst by The Gentle Art because it matched the antique coverlet I used to finish the pinkeep.  Choose your finishing fabric and find a color that matches!

I couldn't resist attaching a friendly skeleton to the back!

Another photo from the PSS Retreat. My good friend E-beth from Dames of the Needle!

And finally my wonderful model stitcher and good friend April!

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  1. Your Redbud tree is beautiful. What fun new projects! I think the bunny and shamrock little pillow is my favorite.

  2. Me love everything. Me want it all! Keep designing!!!